Lifelong learning is constantly stressed at Hosensack Church. The Bible, which we believe to be the inerrant, infallible Word of God, is the foundation for our lives and the diligent study of God’s Word is paramount for believers of all ages.

Hosensack Church currently has two ongoing Adult Bible Studies to assist adults to continue to grow in Christ. Being a small church, our studies tend to involve people of many different ages, thus bringing a multigenerational viewpoint to the sessions. One group meets on Tuesday mornings at 10:00 AM and the other meets on Wednesday nights at 6:15 PM. Prayer is also a major part of each meeting.

Church Membership Classes are scheduled as desired for both adults and young people who have expressed an interest in joining the church. Adult classes usually last 3-4 weeks in duration, and a longer catechetical program is provided to those young people in middle school and high school to prepare them for active and meaningful church membership.

In addition to small group ministry, which was a distinctive feature of the Wesleyan movement from which our denomination grew, we have many other activities throughout the year to foster Christian growth and fellowship. In the past these have included: fellowship dinners, outside speakers, special programs, Lenten Services, and so on.

Our Adult Ministry also includes areas in which one can serve the church and participate in meaningful and constructive ways. An important part of our Christian life includes using the spiritual gifts and abilities that God has given us to serve the church and others. We have many opportunities for adults to serve and contribute to the ministry of Hosensack Church.