What is now the Evangelical Congregational Church came into existence through the ministry of a man named Jacob Albright. Albright, a soldier in the War for Independence, experienced conversion under the preaching and teaching of godly leaders. Settling in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, he began his preaching as a circuit rider, organizing groups of primarily German-speaking Christians for prayer, Bible study, and worship. Many like-minded people gathered around him, and out of this humble beginning came a new denomination.

Hosensack Church was begun in 1897 and has since maintained a vibrant witness for Jesus Christ in the beautiful area of Powder Valley. Our denominational name, Evangelical Congregational, gives great insight into who we are as a people. We are Evangelical, in that we recognize our first priority is to bring the good news of Jesus Christ to all people. We are Congregational, in that we govern all our temporal affairs at the local level.

At various times in its history Hosensack Church has shared pastors with E.C. Churches in Vera Cruz, Clayton, and East Greenville. The building was originally constructed by members of the congregation and a cemetery has been continuously maintained to meet the needs of its members. Various improvements have taken place over the years: a basement with restrooms was dug beneath the church, a second floor containing a nursery and child-sized bathroom was added, stained glass windows were installed, a youth building was constructed near to the church, a parsonage was built in the early 1970's, the parking lot was paved and handicapped access to the building was added in 2007.

Hosensack Church has been known for its emphasis on evangelism and spiritual growth. We have always desired to see people enter into a life-changing relationship with Jesus Christ and follow the path of discipleship. The history of Hosensack Church is ongoing as new members join our fellowship and we continue on in our journey of discipleship. Today many activities are held, as they have been in previous years, to assist members in their spiritual growth: Kid's Klub, prayer meetings, small group Bible studies, fellowship activities, softball teams, Vacation Bible School, and many other scheduled events.